Agenda & Booking



Molitva performs at concerts or religious services, both alone or in combination with fellow musicians.  We are open to suggestions and inquiries.

Should you require more information about the group, or be interested in booking us, feel free to contact Bart Schepens 00 32 54 33 73 17  or bart.schepens@gmail.com




Upcoming performances

30th September 2017
Double Concert: Molitva & Seicento
Patriarch vs Luther: a vocal dialogue between two religious traditions
Sint-Martinusbasiliek, 1500 Halle - 8 pm
reservation: walter.duprez@telenet.be - 02 5325180

Highlights from Molitva's 12-year career

21st December 2000
First public performance

31st October 2001
Openingconcert of the International Icon Exhibition in Alden Biezen

28 December 2002
TV Recording for local tv's New Year's special

6th April 2003
First participation in the Music Mass Cycle at Carolus Borromeus (Antwerp)

27th till 30th May 2004
International Festival of Orthodox Music - Bialystok - Poland
3rd prize in the secular choir category

7th December 2005
Concert at the Capucine convent - Izegem

3rd November 2006
Concert at St. Boniface's - Ixelles (Brussels)

15th June 2007
Interfaith Ceremony at Antwerp,with worldwide internet broadcast

14th till 17th February 2008
Participation in the Kink Festival - Louvain University hall, with world premiere of work by Hanne Dermine

11th December 2009
Concert in Vlissingen (Holland) with world premiere of 24 12 1914 by Maarten van Ingelgem

27th November 2010
Concert at the convent of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Sacred Heart - Hoegaarden

21th December 2011
Christmas concert at St. Hilary's Church in Bierbeek

13th March 2012
Molitva performs during the Eucharist presided by his grace mgr. Luc Van Looy, bishop of Ghent, at the 8th "Rustpunt" Congress

Sunday 17 November 2013
Molitva performes at the Fringe Festival III in Louvain.
Organisation: Capilla Flamenca
details forthcoming

Saturday 23 November 2013, 8 p.m.
East meets West
Concert featering Seicento vocal consort (Christophe Goedvriendt)
Nicolaas Talentijn Church - De Pinte

Sunday 24 November 2013, 4 p.m.
East meets West
Concert featering Seicento vocal consort (Christophe Goedvriendt)
St. Peter's Church - Rink, SInt-Pieters-Leeuw

Sunday 15 December 2013, 6.p.m.
Christmas concert
Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart - Etterbeek (1040 Brussels)
Organisation: CCulture Council De Maelbeek

Tuesday 11 March 2014, 5.30 p.m.
Molitva performs during the Eucharist at a Symposium organised by "Rustpunt"
Church of the Carmelite fathers, Burgstraat 1216, Ghent (9000)

And apart from all that: many, many more performances (numbering around 100 in total), 3 CD's, many friends and followers and above all... a lot of music!